PLD - Resection of the Liver

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Hepatic Resection with Fenestration
There are a few criteria that must be met before one is a candidate for liver resection.We each have eight (8) liver segments.

At least two (2) of these liver segments must be relatively cyst free and remain intact following liver resection surgery. The doctors can remove up to six (6) segments of a polycystic liver or up to 3/4ths of the liver. The gallbladder is simultaneously removed.

Once the surgery has been completed, there are 3 vessels that supply the liver with blood. One of these blood vessels must remain undamaged to nourish the remaining liver remnant. The surgeon will use CT or MRI images to determine if we are a eligible for a liver resection or if we might be better served by a liver transplant or a TAE procedure or medical treatment with the not yet released octreotide or perhaps we are among the lucky 92% that require no treatment whatsoever.

D M Nagorney MD was the first surgeon who conceived the idea of performing liver resection surgery to help with symptoms of a severely polycystic liver. Over the years, Dr. Nagorney has specialized exclusively in performing liver resection surgery. He is a liver resection surgeon. Perhaps some twenty years ago, Dr. Torres approached his colleague, asking him if any relief might be provided to his PLD Polycystic Liver Disease patients. Dr. Nagorney, Dr. Torres, and Dr. King will soon publish a paper on the Mayo Clinic Experience with Liver Resections performed for PLD Polycystic Liver Disease. This surgery is a long. It can take 8 hours. A cystic liver can weigh up to 40 pounds. Following surgery be prepared for weight loss and loss of body fat with some muscle wasting. Recovery can take anywhere from two weeks to a year, depending on your own personal situation. Send an email with for additional information or if you have had a liver resection. To read about someone who has had a liver resection, click here.

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