PLD  - Symptoms

Symptoms from PLD

The chief PLD symptom is the appearance of a huge mass from an enlarging liver. It is possible for this to grow as large as 40 pounds exerting a constant slow direct pressure against many internal organs. We can look as if we are very pregnant or have a huge beer belly.

PLD'rs are a very stoic group oftentimes waiting until a low level of chronic pain exists before seeking help. Once the pain becomes chronic, relief may come in the form of opiods, such as fentanyl patches or vicodin. These pain relievers, allow us to function. There is a procedure called a splanchnic denervation. This is done laparoscopically, and performed by a thoracic surgeon. It is available at centers throughout the world.

Pain is the most commonly reported symptom from PLD polycystic liver disease. Another symptom is bloating, distension, and early satiety all from an ever growing polycystic liver.

In a recent study of PLD'rs:
36.6% experienced pain
9.6% had difficulty breathing
9.6% restricted mobility with hepatomegaly
45% 62.3% female
37.7% male
71.7% had PKD
mean age at diagnosis 56.4 years


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