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Clinical outcome PKD in Pakistan: a single center experience
Male sex and uncontrolled hypertension were most important predictors of poor prognosis. Of 56 patients: high blood pressure(67.9%) palpable kidneys (58.9%), liver (28.6%) microscopic blood in the urine (67.8%) mitral valve prolapse was found in 10 ; (3.6%) patients had berry aneurysm.

Increases in kidney volume ADPKD can be detected within 6 months.
Kidney volume growth is considered the best predictor of a decline in PKD kidney functioning. One hundred young patients with PKD and preserved renal function had a significant increase in total kidney volume in 6 months. Albuminuria was associated with accelerated volume progression. Total kidney volume positively correlated with male gender, hypertension, protein in the urine and gross blood in the urine. These studies were done without gadolinium-based contrast agents.
To assess the therapeutic benefit of new drugs more rapidly, changes in kidney volume need to be determined over a short time interval. Here we measured renal volume changes by manual segmentation volumetry applied to magnetic resonance imaging scans obtained with an optimized T1-weighted acquisition protocol without gadolinium-based contrast agents. 

Has anyone experienced an increase in creatinine while taking blood pressure medication?
Enalapril is classified as an ACE inhibitor. These are known to increase creatinine levels. Ask about a BETA blocker if your condition allows it. Some have noted that ACE inhibitors can cause their creatinine to increase. polycystic kidney disease polycystic liver diseasecontact us
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