Our Stories

We extend an open hand filled with hope that what is found here will be beneficial. Feel free to pick and choose helpful items and discard those found to be detrimental. The following pages are a gathering of our practical knowledge of living with polycystic organs. PKD Diet is a diet for you to try to see if it helps lessen symptoms from Polycystic Kidney Disease or Polycystic Liver Disease. We are trying to see if it works as well for you as it has for many of us. Both Polycystic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Liver Disease are inherited. They change normal tissue of our organs to fluid filled cystic structures. This can be inherited with kidney cysts or without kidney cysts.

We are a group of individuals with ADPKD, ADPLD who continually gather new information from among our mutual insights while seeking verification of our observations from one another. We are asking for current medical knowledge from our doctors and we are incorporating many of the latest scientific research advances into our lifestyles to note, to see in what way—it affects our cyst growth.

PKDiet is a growing, thriving body of individuals living through our experiences, assimilating our understandings, utilizing new ideas, and processing all through an ongoing life experiment to continually lead us toward health. These are our stories.

We are  sharing our experiences with PKD/PLD Diet, an adjunct diet envisioning it complementing a physician's prescribed medical therapy. Consider testing this with your doctor's prior knowledge, who can  adjust it according to your own uniqueness by adding it to your current  treatment.

Medical Disclaimer