Gain Weight
           pkd pld alkaline diet polycystic kidney disease alkaline diet polycystic liver disease alkaline diet HOW CAN I GAIN WEIGHT ON THE PKDIET?
Some Protein & Grain Combinations that will facilitate a weight gain
Nut Breads, banana Fish & Brown Rice
Hot grain cereal with Almond Milk Sandwiches spelt bread with almond butter
Beans and brown rice Lentils & Brown Rice
Pastries without sugar like banana cake Almond Butter Cookies
Oatmeal almonds raisin cookies Oatmeal with Cream
Squash ravioli with a drizzle of olive oil Bean meatless loaf with mashed roasted root vegetables
Cream Puffs with custard Malasadas
Cakes made with eggs, sugar, fat Pancakes with vegetable sausage non soy

1. Combine Proteins and Grains
2. Maple sugar, will open up the appetite and make one hungry. This will also raise triglycerides.
3. A small glass of wine creates hunger and dehydration. Dehydration is not good for kidney health, but alcohols will open up the appetite.
4. Snack on corn chips with avocado or guacamole.
5. Bread pastry yeasted baked goods all will cause a weight gain. If one has liver cysts eating yeast, alcohol, sugars can cause liver pains.
6. Sip beef tea, a concentrated beef stock that is distilled. The recipe is here., pkd, polycystic kidney disease, pld, polycystic liver diseasecontact us
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