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Plant based Alkaline Diet
Neutral Protein 0.6 grams/kilogram
1200 mg sodium   Himalayan pink salt
3 liters water/ day or twice the amount of your output.

1. Enjoy plenty of leafy vegetables
2. Limit starches like bread, potatoes, pasta, cereal, corn chips, tortillas, rice, couscous, taboulli, etc. When you do eat these have them by themselves or with a leafy green vegetables.
3. Prepare your own foods without salt and sugar and make them low in fat
4. Eat raw fruits or vegetables as a snack
3. Eat salads or soups for lunch
4. Enjoy fresh fruit for breakfast (like grapefruit, unless contraindicated for you).
5. Have vegetable dinners 2- 3 times a week
6. Limit animal proteins to 1 - 2 a week and to about 3 ounces.
7. Eat pastries at noon if desired
8. Stop eating after 5 pm
9. Avoid sweets, sugar alcohols, and pastries and yeast. These will all open the appetite and make you hungry.
10. Avoid protein & grain combinations

Protein & Grain Combinations
Nut Breads, banana Fish & Rice
Cheese Sandwiches Hamburgers
Steak & Potatoes Lentils & Brown Rice
Bread, Pastry, Cookies, Donuts Peanut Butter Cookies
Hot Cereal & Milk Oatmeal with Cream
Pheasant & Potatoes Chicken & Gravy & Mashed Potato, & Peas
Cream Puffs with custard Malasadas
Cakes made with eggs, sugar, fat Pancakes & Sausage or Bacon, pkd, polycystic kidney disease, pld, polycystic liver diseasecontact us
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