Beef  Tea


  1. -1 1/2 pound round steak cut into 1-inch thick cubes

  2. - water

  3. -a glass jar

  4. -a clean rock


Beef tea is almost identical to the French l'essence de boeuf, a truly restorative food with a different almost gossamer type of protein for healing ailing bodies.  It is alkaline. This is not beef broth or beef consume or beef soup. It is a distilled concentrated liquid beef oftentimes known as beef tea. I have noticed when animal proteins are prepared this way, and taken in very small almost medicinal quantities, they are alkaline and especially healthful  for someone who is sick and ailing.

Round steak or eye of the round is trimmed of all visible fat and cut into little cubes. These cubes of beef are placed in a clean  wide glass jar with a lid. Add to the jar a clean rock or a heavy spoon for balance. Place this glass jar with the beef cubes (and the rock or heavy spoon) inside another  big pot of water. 

Loosely cover the glass jar containing the beef.  Loosely cover the heavy pot the houses all. Each has its own lid or cover. Allow this to simmer together for about 2-4 hours. It will concentrate into a distilled form of liquid beef. Press the meat and liquid through a strainer.  Save this liquid. Toss the beef as the nourishment has been taken from it and imparted into the water, the liquid beef, the beef tea, the beef juice.

Prepared according to this method,  when cool the liquid solidifies into a thick gelatin.  Sip slowly about 1 - 2  tablespoons per day of this super chewing the liquid so the saliva enzymes mix with the liquid beef.

It is wonderful to sip when you are recovering from surgery or an illness and gives immediate strength. Liquid beef keeps up to  3 days refrigerated. The French call this method a restoran. It means to restore; the origin of the word restaurant; a place for weary road travelers to restore themselves for their journey and they might have partaken a small sip of beef juice to give them added strength.

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Beef Tea  - Ancient recipe distilled concentrated liquid beef