Bread Baking Cookbook

Bread Alone by Daniel Leader has many recipes for non-yeasted spelt breads. His latest books are Panini Express and Local Breads. An interesting DVD is Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. Also breadtopia on the internet has some no knead spelt bread recipes.

Raw Uncookbooks

Raw The Uncook Book by Juliano Brotman contains a recipe for essene bread that is sunbaked using sprouted grains.

Raw by Roxanne Klein, the late Charlie Trotter. Roxanne's was a raw food restaurant in Larkspur, California - a delightful culinary experience that is well equal to any fine dining experience. These uncooked meals take a long time to prepare and are labor intensive. The chefs utilize raw nuts, raw vegetables,raw fruits, and sprouted grains maintaining active enzymes that are abundant. Roxanne has closed her restaurant.

Some Vegetarian Cookbooks

The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison happens to be my current favorite vegan cookbook. I alter the recipes to reflect our lifestyle so the foods and ingredients are PKD/PLD friendly. For more PKDiet recipes try PKD Recipes.
The Greens Cookbook by Deborah Madison. This cookbook author, encourages the reader to make use of readily available ingredients and even gives substitutes for many recipe items. Her writing brings forth pictures of cooking and dancing in the kitchen with delight at the outcome of the dishes prepared. The salads are delicious and her pairings with vegetables and herbs bring that extra pop to a dish.
Vegetarian Suppers from Deborah Madison's Kitchen.
Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison's Kitchen.
Field of Greens New Vegetarian Recipes from Greens restaurant by Annie Somerville.
The Savoury Way by Deborah Madison
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison A very thick vegetarian cooking book containing many vegetables with various ways to cook them.
Greens Restaurant in located in Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. It is a must for me whenever I visit the Bay Area. Read a review of this book.
Charlie Trotters Vegetables by the late Charlie Trotter. Plan on spending all day preparing these recipes. They are delicious but require some planning.

Vegan Cookbooks

Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegan Cuisine by Eric Tucker. This cookbook uses seitan, wheat and soy products (Avoid soy, seitan, and wheat as these can increase PLD symptoms). It is filled with heart healthy vegan dishes. Millennium Restaurant is a favorite restaurant for vegetarians, vegans, and it is heart friendly.

Some other interesting kidney books

Low Protein for PKU

This a recipe book written for PKU, however some have found the recipes are useful for a very low protein diet. This is the book for 0.3 gram/Kg protein diet supplemented with essential amino acids by Dr. Mackenzie Walser at Johns Hopkins. Be forewarned, it contains many processed foods.

Coping with Kidney Disease

Written by the late Mackenzie Walser MD Johns Hopkins University Professor of Medicine is a useful helpful book to consider when one is approaching dialysis or transplant. It is written for the layperson, however parts are technical. Precise directions are given as to how one can go about arresting (not reversing) the downward progression of kidney disease once kidney functioning declines. Limiting protein to 22 grams each day or 0.3 grams per kilogram of body weight, supplementing with essential amino acids, and maintaining alkalinity has accomplished this for some. This worked with ~3 extremely well motivated PKD individuals. Dropping the daily protein intake before nephrotic syndrome develops seems helpful. The book does have a flaw for PKD'rs, in that it recommends using sodium bicarbonate to correct acidosis. A better alternative alkalizer for PKD would be sodium citrate. PKD'rs tend to get kidney stones and sodium bicarb increases calcium kidney stones, the most commonly seen with PKD.

Some unique observations are made by Dr. Walser from his experience:

Dr. Walser corrects anemia early so it does not lead to LVH left ventricular hypertrophy. Some have found, when taking iron tablets, an all natural rose hips vitamin C increases iron absorption. Dr. Walser goes over medications including many OTC’s that can precipitate a decline in kidney functioning.
Reverse Aging by Sang Whang.This author writes about drinking alkaline water. I tried water from a water ionizer. My observation is that individuals who drink alkalized water without altering their diet, their health is not as readily apparent as when one concurrently institutes dietary lifestyle changes. Given in this book is information about a far infrared device and the use of acid water to wash skin. Farmers dip fruits and vegetables in acid waters to keep them crisper. I found this interesting. Most books written on youthful skin talk about using acidic solutions. His explanation seems plausible - that the skin needs added acidity to keep bacteria from invading and penetrating the skin.

An Apple a Day - Is it Enough Today?

Written by M.Ted Morter, though it is about an alkaline diet; it is not specifically geared to kidney or liver health.
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