Itchy Skin & Anemia

If you have kidney cysts this 2016 medical article has found an association between itching, eosinophilia and anemia. Get your anemia checked and have it corrected. With liver cysts, itching is thought to be related to elevated bilirubin. With itching, in addition to bilirubin, ask for a hemoglobin and hematocrit to check for any anemia.

As bilirubin rises with PLD we can get itching or this might be an attempt by the to liver to eliminate toxins through the skin. When the kidneys do this, it is known as uremic frost, covering the surface with a dry haze. Soaps are incredibly drying. Try bentonite clay paste in lieu of soap. Many personal care products aggravate polycystic liver symptoms or increase cyst growth. EWG has a database listing chemicals in personal care products.

Some suggestions to relieve itching

We are  sharing our experiences with PKD/PLD Diet, an adjunct diet envisioning it complementing a physician's prescribed medical therapy. Consider testing this with your doctor's prior knowledge, who can  adjust it according to your own uniqueness by adding it to your current  treatment.

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