Eating like a lion ↓ GFR

Gorging on Proteins

Eating like a lion or gorging on animal proteins, harms GFR, diminishes kidney functioning. Increasing kidney size was observed in rats placed on a high protein diet in 1932. The same effect has been noted in numerous other species, including dogs. The number of nephrons is fixed near the time of birth, so the increased size is due to changes within existing nephrons.

Eating like a lion or gorging on a steak, a huge steak rapidly decreases kidney functioning. With cystic organs we cannot abstain from meat for several weeks then one day decide to eat as much meat as we want. If we try this, our kidney functioning will suffer.

Among women from the Nurses Health Study with mild renal insufficiency, high protein intake, particularly of animal origin, was associated with a more rapid than expected decline in kidney functioning (GFR). A causal connection has yet to be demonstrated. Proteinuria or spilling protein in the urine is associated with a more rapid decline in kidney functioning. It occurs when there are abnormal levels of protein in the urine. Normally, protein is not removed when the kidneys filter waste from the blood. However, when the kidneys are damaged protein leaks through the damaged filters and leaks into the urine, along with kidney waste. The appearance of protein in the urine may be the first sign of an otherwise silent kidney condition. Higher blood pressures eventually also leads to increasing kidney cyst size and diminished kidney function.

Proteinuria Can ↓ Life Expectancy 2013

Proteinuria is a marker of kidney disease and is associated with risk of adverse outcomes. We studied 812,386 individuals. In conclusion, we found a substantial and progressive decrease in life expectancy for men and women with the presence and severity of proteinuria.

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