Dermatology Symptoms

Sometimes we may get itchy skin, thinning hair, darkened teeth, cramping legs. Many personal care products aggravate cystic symptoms or increase cyst growth. Here are a few things we have tried to help with these symptoms.


Cabbage juice with almonds is great for hair health. It turns any gray hairs toward their natural color.

Ghassoul red rhassoul clay (clay from Morocco) mixed with Klettenwurzel Haar-Oil or Burdock root oil or Gobi oil. A friend experienced a darken of the hair shaft and an absence of flakes. Mix with water; add a few drops of Burdock oil. Try this over the sink, making a paste of the burdock root oil, the rhassoul red clay and water; apply as a hair masque by dampening the hair. then apply the paste. Wrap the head with a towel turban style or a shower cap. Leave 15 minutes; wash out. Apply once week. Ghassoul or rhassoul clay is an ancient clay that helps the horny layers of the body : the skin, hair and nails.

Moroccan Red Clay
Black rubber bowl used to mix plaster - about a 3 cup size
Wire whisk
2 Tablespoons of clay
Warm water
1-2 drops of burdock oil

There was a time when my own hair fell out in clumps. I was under a great deal of emotional and physical stress. One member explained when she her Vitamin D level was low, her hair fell out. The natural warmth from the afternoon with the dappled rays of the sun bouncing on top of a head, gives an entire body a deep relaxation from within. Some have noticed improvement.


EWG has a cosmetic database that ranks products 0 to 10. Zero is free of harmful things. The tabs are sorted by makeup, hair, eye, skin products. Panthenol is a good product when present in shampoos and conditioners. Under health/toxic are several sub-topics including water, food and more. Listed are some 500 shampoos that are low in chemicals. Hair loss is sometimes related to magnesium deficiency. A few have found improvement by eating potato skins, careful and avoid any green potato skins. Others have tried a scalp massage using castor oil and a vibrating brush to restore thinning hair.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be slowed down by additional magnesium from potato skins or in the evening 425 mg of magnesium (check with your doctor) with one ounce of grape juice diluted in an ounce of water. This also helps one to sleep through the night by releasing the body's own natural tryptophan. Caution with magnesium. As the kidneys decline it is one of the minerals that cannot be eliminated.

An exercise at the gym—while holding onto some padded bars made for this purpose (the device may be called a Roman chair), flip downward so ones head is hanging below the body. This strengthens the back support muscles and additionally forces blood flow to the scalp region. Increasing blood flow to the scalp can also be accomplished through some gentle yoga exercises. It is thought that the increase in blood supply to the scalp may decrease hair loss. Maybe a scalp massage might be useful?

Some have tried castor oil to delay hair loss by using a vibrating brush, massaging the scalp with castor oil. This has had limited success with a few on chemotherapy.


Itchy skin. For some with itchy skin is related to very troublesome bile duct blockage, a prescribed dose of cholestyramine seems to be the only thing that helps. Sometimes with PKD, with kidney disease, as phosphorus rises, itching develops. This also can occur with PLD as bilirubin rises. Dr. Mackenzie Dr. Mackenzie Walser relates itching skin to the individual's pH. He has observed when one is acidic, itching of the skin increases. This diminishes when the body becomes more alkaline. Some have been successful using bentonite clay paste in lieu of soap. Soap is very drying.

Soap Recipe
Bentonite Clay Soap Paste
One Cup of Bentonite Clay or Aztec Clay or Green clay
One tablespoon of raw honey and
Add enough olive oil to make a paste.

CAUTION olive oil can make shower surfaces very slippery.

While in the shower, apply olive oil on the skin. Then under running water, rub on bentonite clay paste (above recipe). Wrap a sliced lemon in cheese cloth. Gently rub the cut surface of the wrapped lemon over the skin. Apply additional olive oil; rinse with water. Sprinkle baking soda on wet skin to help remove any residual oil; a final rinse with copious amounts of water; then pat dry.

Dry Skin 2 ounces of cranberry juice with one ounce of mineral water taken daily helps to smooth facial skin and prevents bacteria from clinging to bladder walls.

Sunscreens are great for preventing skin damage. To find the least toxic sunscreens try EWG website for safer sunschreens.


Some have tried aluminum free deodorant. All antiperspirants generally contains aluminum or alum.
One member from the tropics has written to us with her Grandma's recipe.
Half-half baking soda and corn starch. Scoop a little on a finger and rub under armpit. It won't stop wetness but there's no allergic reaction. And after about a week, if you skip a day you won't even notice.
Deodorant crystal - contains aluminum.


Many search out mercury free and phthalate free dental fillings and fluoride free toothpaste.


Some use a shower head filter to diminish residual chlorine and chemicals from a steamy shower. Because of the nature of showering, one can become exposed to the introduction of a greater quantity of many more chemicals.

Puffy Eyes

To reduce puffiness, leave wet chamomile tea bags overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning place two wet chamomile tea bags over the eyes. Let this sit on closed eyes for about ten minutes.


Numbness of the hands and feet has long been associated with kidney disease as swelling increases and kidney functioning starts to decline. The nerves lay alongside the tiny vessels of the hands and feet. When these become swollen it presses against the nerves causing numbness. This is common in many small vessel diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease. Eating star fruit (a tropical fruit) has also been known to cause this. AVOID starfruit. Can cause kidney damage. Daily stretching exercises, like yoga, increase the blood supply to the hands and feet. Stretch the hamstring tendons, the biceps tendon and Achilles tendon of the lower legs.

Matted Spider Telangectasias

Purposely diminish exposure to estrogen, endocrine disrupters. Because these spiders are very superficial, exposing the areas to sunlight seems to help. Eventually if these are troublesome, they can be sclerosed with a dilute soap solution by a physician.

Other Helpful Things

Bentonite Clay baths, saunas.
Foods: radish, artichokes, DIMs (broccoli sprouts), sunchokes, cabbage.
Herbs: saffron, turmeric, milk thistle, veronica.
If the day ever arrives when kidney functioning becomes diminished, taking clay baths is one possibility to take advantage of the entire skin as an organ to help diminish body toxins. Saunas lower body toxins through sweat. Cabbage juice, turmeric, DIMs (broccoli sprouts), milk thistle, artichoke encourage the metabolism of any endocrine disruptors throughout the body by increasing estrogen metabolism through the liver. These also increase the integrity of DNA. Radishes help raise the ecoplast of the red blood cells and help with anemia.

For Your Reference

Phthalates [161 KB PDF]
Safe Cosmetics [840 KB PDF]
Sunscreen Guide [82 KB PDF]
Xenoestrogens [172 KB PDF]
Skin Deep [website]
Dirty Dozen [373 KB PDF]

We are  sharing our experiences with PKD/PLD Diet, an adjunct diet envisioning it complementing a physician's prescribed medical therapy. Consider testing this with your doctor's prior knowledge, who can  adjust it according to your own uniqueness by adding it to your current  treatment.

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