Juicer Review

Juicer Review       juicer review

The best juicer is one that you will use. I had to laugh the other day on a Chef Cooking show, the chef had difficulty getting the gear juicer to juice and he turned to the other chef asking to borrow her centrifugal force juicer.

The juicer that gives the most nutrient filled juice and the juiciest juice is the Wells Press or the Norwalk Juicer. Both require a great deal of clean up, but give a really nutritious juice. Second is the Green Star, Green Power, and the Green Power KPE-1304.

Sometimes a second hand juicer can be found for $5. The biggest resistance to juicing has been the clean up and assembly. . In hotel rooms sometimes the sulfur smell from cabbage is a bit off putting. I choose an electric citrus juicer. Click here for a raw foot vegan site that compares juicers. Here is the Baily Report comparing the Green Power Juicer and the Norwalk Juicer. The Norwalk walks away with the prize for quality juice, extracting the most juice quickly with the highest amount of nutrients. I have found the need for several types of juicers:
1. Citrus juicer
2. Cereal grass juicer - only if you wish to juice cereal grasses. This fresh juice is readily available at juice bars.
3. Vegetable and fruit juicer
4. Blender

How can I reduce foam formation in my juicer?
1. Dunk the produce in cold water before juicing it.
2. Drop a few drops of olive oil before juicing
   juicer review at pkdiet.com juicer review at pkdiet.comJACK LALANNE JUICER
(about $99)This is a centrifugal force juicer made with plastic parts. The advantage is it has a wide mouth hopper so fruits can be placed whole. It is strong juicer. When juicing cabbage or leafy vegetables, I find that cutting them first horizontally and then longitudinally will allow the wedges to slip through the juicer without clogging it.
(about $39)This is a centrifugal force juicer made with plastic parts. It is easy to clean very lightweight and a good beginning for a first juicer.
( price about $99) This is similar to juice man but with stainless steel and comes with a blender. The price does not make up for the advantages gained. I sometimes purchase a simple plastic juicer when traveling.
ACME 6001
($56 on ebay new $169) This one is a centrifugal juicer made of stainless steel. I find as this one ages it is very noisy. There is a citrus attachment available but it is all plastic.
($59 at Sam's Club warehouse store) Lighter than the omega juicer, has a lot of stainless steel parts. Has dual spouts to make two glasses of juice at once and is a centrifugal juicer. Generally centrifugal juicers will not do cereal grasses, such as wheat, spelt or barley grass juice.
OMEGA 9000
$199 ebay. Easiest too clean. All stainless steel juicer and a bit quieter than the others centrifugal juicers. This is one I take traveling. It has vegetable filters (as does the acme and olympic) for an easy clean up. The only plastic part that touches the juice is the pusher. I am going to use a carrot or see if someone will whittle one from wood. This is my favorite traveling juicer followed by the LEquip. There is a citrus attachment available but it is all plastic. This makes the second best tasting juice. (number one is the ruby). I think having vegetable disposable filters makes this difference.
Omega juicer 1000 - $89 ebay has a plastic top and a slightly smaller engine. This too is a good juicer. I decided to go all stainless after this one came up missing from my hotel room.
Olympic juicer is the same as the omega 1000 - $39 ebay when available. This is a very good juicer. It is the exact same as the omega 1000 just under a different name.
($1500)This is my favorite at home juicer. In about a few seconds I can juice an entire pineapple. If you ever go to Jamba Juice, that is the ruby commercial juicer behind the counter. I love this juicer. Yes it is pricey. I got it used $500. For my taste it makes the sweetest cabbage juice ever. It is a centrifugal juicer all stainless steel except for the pusher. This big mama is worth it for me to have around to juice all day. I can go through a cabbage in a few seconds. It has a 3/4 horsepower engine.
($2800)This is one I am lusting after. A centrifugal juicer that is super quiet. l I heard it operate at a local health food store in Hilo Hawaii. With its 1 and 1/2 horsepower engine, its operation is so quiet, you barely hear it buzz away to make a quart of carrot juice in a few moments. This is a beauty. There is a smaller version, a 1 horsepower, that has a smaller footprint and also looks very nice.
($394 ebay) This one juices both carrots and cereal grasses such as wheat grass as well as berries, peaches and other soft fruits. It uses dual twin gear mechanism. In tests more of the foods natural enzymes remained unchanged and the food was considered to be more alive for a longer period. The only other juicer which exceeded the Green Power was the Norwalk Juicer (actually a juice press). I personally hardly ever use the green power juicer. It is too heavy and too slow for my kind of juicing. It is said the water passed through the juicer is alkaline. I know it is supposed to be one of the best, but it is slow and covered with plastic. The twin gear mechanism is a slow feed. It is the quietest juicer made. It will juice spelt grass, barley, and wheat grass into juice. I got this juicer to make spelt grass juice and to make mochi ( a Japanese sweet rice cake delicacy). It will also make ice creams, pate, and nut butters. This makes the second healthiest juice. The Wells press makes the healthiest juice. The Green Power or Green Life is second. A friend tells me after soaking and drying cashews, this juicer makes the smoothest cashew butter.
($158 ebay) This is a single gear juicer. It too is as quiet as the Green Power. It is heavy and a slow feeder. Lots of plastic. It will do both fruits, berries, tomatoes, vegetables, and cereal grasses. This is similar to the omega model 8002
This is heavy. It does a fine job of juicing but it is slow. All the gear juicer are slower than the centrifugal. I think clean up is easier with the centrifugal. especially with filters.
Stainless steel perfect health manual ($39 on ebay usually $49)
This is a manual juicer which requires no electricity. Great if you are traveling around and there are no electrics and you would like a spelt grass juice. All stainless steel parts. I used this with the automatic sprouter. A machine which watered your sprouts daily and twirled them around, but unfortunately this machine is all plastic.
Citrus juicer all stainless steel ($25 ebay)
This is a tall juicer. Following my liver surgery I did not have the strength to pull down the handle to make the juice. I got a simple citrus reamer made of glass or stainless steel which I carry when traveling. I tested the Santos citrus juicer but with that one I had to hold the orange while it would spin. I was too weak to do this.
For making citrus juices, I like this one. Its drawback is that it is plastic. There are three different reamers, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. This is an attachment ($15 ebay) which fits onto a cuisinart food processor.
This is the cadillac or rolls royce of citrus juicers. I tried this at a trade show. It was great. You just pop the orange in peel and all and it slices the orange, juices and spits out the peel in one basket and freshly squeezed orange juice in the pitcher. This is the juicer one might see behind the counter at Professional Juice shops like Jamba juice making citrus juices all day long. I almost bought one of these, but with my tiny apartment it will not fit.
not rated - Santos citrus juicer It looks good, but it is pricey. I thought my cuisinart did as good a job.
not rated - Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Press $2000.This juicer wins hands down as producing the healthiest juice. It has the most enzymes and active living substances retained in the juice. It is all stainless steel. I wish to see a video of it in action first before I consider buying. I cannot believe that it is an easy clean up. For ease of clean up I think the Omega wins hands down. When I use the filters, I just peel the filter out, rinse and I am off. Great for travel in hotel rooms. The Norwalk maybe my good stay at home juicer. Not sure yet. I have to see it and test it.
not rated - Wells Juice Press aka People's Press ($315)
This is only the press. You have to get the vegetables into a pulp with another machine, usually the Norwalk machine is used.
This blender makes hot soup, cold ice cream, smoothies and more. I love this. It will also grind flour, knead the bread all in one operation, but the container is plastic, I am considering replacing this with that has a glass container. This is one machine that will make almond milk, rice milk, almond butter. The other machines make claims to grind nut butters but do not really succeed.

                                                                  ALKALINE RAW JUICE RECIPE 
Drink all juices within 20 minutes of making them
APPLES (2) lemon 1/4 one ripe pear - juice and pour over crushed ice for a lemonade.
CABBAGE JUICE - juice (2) apples first. Set juice aside. Do not clean the juicer. Slice 1/3 of a cabbage. Put through the juicer. Put (10) soaked raw almonds through the juicer. Drink the cabbage juice followed with the apple juicer chaser. Enough for (2).
CUCUMBER juice one cucumber skin and all. Chill. It will really refresh on a hot summer's day.
HONEYDEW MELON JUICE - slice and peel a half a melon. Juice and drink. You will want seconds of this one.
WATERMELON JUICE - slice and peel about 1/4 of a watermelon. Juice and drink. A favorite of many.
PINEAPPLE JUICE - cut up and peel a half a pineapple. Drink and enjoy. The white pineapple is less acidic and really tastes sweet.
APPLE BEET JUICE - 2 apples and 1 beet makes a frothy beautiful deep red drink filled with sweetness and iron.

                                                     HANDHELD CITRUS JUICER FOR TRAVEL
STAINLESS STEEL CITRUS JUICER My favorite for taking on the road. It is small compact and will not break.
GLASS CITRUS JUICER A good second place for taking on the road.
PLASTIC CITRUS JUICER Will work in a pinch for lemon juice when traveling.
WOODEN CITRUS REAMER Does not work well at all.

                                                      A FEW QUESTIONS
Juices may reduce Alzheimer's risk
Briefly in a nutshell eat foods as close to grown in the garden as possible. Take pleasure in streamlining your diet to include a variety of fruits vegetables, a few selected grains (spelt, rye, quinoa, kasha), seeds, legumes, beans, few alkaline nuts (almond, coconut, chestnut) that have been pre-soaked in water before preparing. Enjoy plenty in season locally grown foods. Drink chamomile, rooibos, rose hips hibiscus, linden flower, and veronica tea. Squeeze fresh lemons daily into your drinking water. Avoid animal foods (meat, milk, cheese, butter, eggs). Food preparation includes raw, steamed, boiled, wrapped in paper or roasted. The first choice for produce is home grown.

1. Home grown
2. Locally grown
3. Organic
4. Frozen
5. AVOID canned

Eat leafy greens and below ground root crops. Soak all beans, legumes, grains, seeds and nuts before eating. This lowers their phytic acid content, making these foods more digestible and alkaline. For more on the PKDiet, the alkaline diet for PKD click here. For a list of alkaline foods click here. For sample menus click here For more on low protein diets click here. For what to eat while traveling try here. Download medical articles about the alkaline diet, potassium citrate.

cranberry (whole fruit)
eggplant (nightshade)
potato (nightshade)
peppers (nightshade)
peanut (aflatoxin) - Aflatoxin is a carcinogen, a natural toxin produced by certain strains of the mold Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus that grow on peanuts stored in warm, humid silos. Peanuts aren't the only affected crops. Aflatoxins have been found in pecans, pistachios and walnuts, as well as milk, grains, soybeans and spices. Aflatoxin is a potent carcinogen, known to cause liver cancer in laboratory animals and may contribute to liver cancer in Africa where peanuts are a dietary staple.
starfruit (kidney shut down)
tomato (nightshade)

Alkalinity differs from individual to individual. Testing your urinary pH will assist you to determine which foods are alkaline in your body. Maintaining alkalinity is a fountain of youth and can establish longevity. It is an elixir of health. Which foods will affect you and promote a consistent change toward alkaline, only you can ascertain. Here are some general principles.

Most vegetables are alkaline forming. (See alkaline list for exceptions-asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers)
Most fruits are alkaline forming. (See alkaline list for exceptions - prunes, strawberries, cranberries, plums, blueberries)

All animal proteins are acid forming.
Most grains are acid forming
Processed foods are acid forming
Most sugars, honeys, syrups, candy, pastry, sweets, are acid forming
Most nuts, beans, seeds, legumes are acid forming. Soaking these to diminish phytic acids helps them to become more alkaline.

Love and gratitude create alkalinity
Physical unity with a loved one creates alkalinity
the middle path seems to create alkalinity
Calm creates alkalinity
Anger is acid
Hate is acid
Strong emotions are also acid like too much joy
Rushing around creates acid
Intensity creates acid

Walks in beauty and nature creates alkalinity
Yoga creates alkalinity
Gardening creates alkalinity
I am not sure of any exercises that might create acidity. The lactic acid can easily be blown off through the lungs. Let me know if you find some by self testing.

Viewing nature
Watching a sunset or sunrise
Listening to classical peaceful, music
Meditating prayer gratitude love
Taking a long slow deep breath
Relaxing in a bath
Getting a massage
Enjoying whatever it is you are doing

Rap music

Potassium citrate (get a prescription from your doctor. Some blood pressure medications create high serum potassium.
Non-Alcoholic nettle extract

Almost all medications are acid producing. (The exceptions are effective alkalizers i.e. - potassium citrate)
Blood pressure medication

Drinking wellness water (a water filtration system)
Drinking solé water
Hawaiian springs water
Fuji water

Chlorinated fluoridated water

Some Books Increase Alkalinity
Water and Salt the Essence of Life
About Solé
Hidden Messages in Water

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