Cabbage is one of the healing marbles from the earth. I used the deep green leaves heated and mixed with kelp as a poultice to relieve liver cystic pain. I have also used this same poultice on the nap of my neck to relieve intense migraine headaches. Cabbage has something within that stimulates the natural endorphins of the brain, great pain relievers. It is high in boron, necessary for bone strength. It is high in vitamin C. A little secret, while taking cabbage juice daily I noticed my gray hairs return to their natural color. It is a great protector of DNA; cabbage increases the metabolism of estrogen by products throughout  the liver. The sulfurins, the smelly part of cabbage is what researchers have found useful as an antioxidant.

After juicing cabbage, I must immediately take the pulp to the compost heap or if I am traveling, I will wrap it in a double plastic bag and toss it.


2 apples cut up and cored. Golden delicious, Fuji, and Gala are the best for juice. There is another variety called Gravenstein from Sebastopol California in the Russian River area of California. What I love about these apples is they cannot be stored. Gravenstein apples have a short peak season and for this reason, they make a really sweet delicious juice.
Apple seeds contain arsenic and are to be avoided.

Put apples through an apple-slicing device or cut out the seeds and slice into wedges. Place wedges through the juicer.

When making my daily juices, I juice the apples first and without cleaning the juice machine, I will then juice the cabbage. This yields a much sweeter and less sulfuric cabbage juice. I drink all juices immediately or within 20 minutes so they do not develop a yeast ferment which causes my liver cysts to grow.  Yield: 6 ounces of apple juice.

The cabbage juice, used to be difficult for me to get down. I have another recipe that might make it easier. Juice an apple (gala or golden delicious) first, pour half of the apple juice into a shot glass. Without cleaning the juicer or the container to catch the juice, juice a quarter of a cabbage with 5-7 almonds, in with the cabbage. Drink the cabbage juice and follow it with the apple juice chaser.

I found if cabbage is mixed with any juice other than apple, this increases the sulfurins in the cabbage juice and makes it much more difficult to drink. Sometimes cabbage is a bit pungent. To cut this I juice an apple first, then the cabbage.

Cabbage Juice Recipe

1/4 cabbage savoy (sweetest), green, red (high in iron)
5-7 almonds

Slice in wedges that will easily fit through the opening of the juicer. Juice a portion of cabbage then about 5 almonds then more cabbage.

Yield: 2 ounces of cabbage juice

another Cabbage Juice Recipe

I use a juicer machine.
Cut and core an apple removing the seeds. Apple seeds contain strychnine. Put the apple slices through the juicer. Reserve this apple juice as a chaser for the cabbage juice. Without cleaning the juicer, slice a quarter of a cabbage so the pieces can easily fit through the juicer. This can be green or red cabbage. I find Savoy cabbage to be the most pleasant tasting. I put this through the juicer and then I put about 10 almonds through the juicer as well. I drink the cabbage almond juice first and follow it with the apple juice.

Apple Juice Recipe