Almond Paté

  1. -2 cups fresh almonds

  2. -1/2 red onion

  3. -fresh sage leaf, oregano leaves fresh thyme

  4. -1 lemon

  5. -thin slice of garlic

  6. -1/2 carrot

  7. -parsley fresh

Almond Paté another 40 unblanched whole almonds

  1. -1/2 stick celery

  2. -2 spring onions (green onions, scallions)

  3. -1 small carrot (about 50g, 2 oz)

  4. -large squeeze lemon juice

  5. -2-3 tsp nori flakes (optional)

A Raw Vegan Food

Almond Paté

Soak almonds overnight to rid the nuts of phytates, changing the water every 12 hours if you soak them for 36 hours. Chop onions and carrot. Alternate putting almonds, carrot, parsley and onion through the feed tube of a food processor or use a blender. Add fresh oregano, and sage or sprinkle with poultry spice. Add a squeeze or two of lemon juice to taste. Thin with water if necessary. Spread pate´ onto cucumber or jicama  or sunchoke cut into cracker like slices or stuff it into squash blossoms.  It could even be a spread onto a rye crisp cracker. Serve as appetizers. I first tasted this at a health fair given by the makers of the green power juicer.  I had it on zucchini slices and loved it made with walnuts. The original recipe called for  Bragg’s liquid aminos but these have too much salt and are a ferment. So omit and use a dash of Himalayan pink salt as you wish.

Almond Paté - another

1. Soak the almonds at least overnight, or for up to 36 hours, changing the water every 12 hours.

2. Drain the almonds, and peel them if you can be bothered (I think it enhances the flavor).

3. Chop the celery and spring onions; peel and chop the carrot. Put these and the almonds into a blender, or food processor until smooth.

4. Add lemon juice to taste, and mix in the seaweed flakes. You could add salt if you want, but I don't think it needs it.

5. Serving suggestion: Mound the pâté on the middle of a plate. Fill half the plate with mixed leaf salad, and arrange chopped vegetables around: sticks of celery,

rounds of peeled sliced broccoli stem, sliced baby sweet corn.

Additional Raw Vegan recipes

The Cinnamon Date Bread looks interesting. These recipes use only nuts and sprouted grains and raw fruits and vegetables. You will find no dairy, soy, or seitan.