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PLD Pain while eating can become constant for someone with severe Polycystic Liver Disease. 40% of PLD'rs report pain as the chief symptom. Pain is what triggered PKDiet, with a search to find foods that would not cause pain. Other PLD symptoms are bloating, distension, and early satiety all from an ever growing polycystic liver.    


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I took organic turmeric one capsule three times a day.  After 3 days, I was no longer holding my liver to protect it from pain. I stopped the turmeric and tried milk thistle, this achieved a similar diminishing of pain. However by taking a capsule that contained milk thistle, turmeric, and artichoke; this gave even better pain relief. f all is combined with a moist heating pad and rest in a zero gravity, pain relief is lessened even more. Saffron tea is equally good for diminishing liver pain. Lemon juice is like a magic potion for pain relief. With the first sip pain diminishes. When I can find organic Meyer lemons these are best. Below are a few suggestions some PLD'rs have tried to diminish pain. See your doctor about getting relief from any pain you may experience.


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•   Hot water with lemon - daily some have tried as many as consuming 6-7 lemons in one day. If you need a sweetener try tupelo honey.
•  Saffron tea if hot lemon does not relieve pain
•  Organic turmeric. It comes as an organic root similar to ginger and as capsule. Some have tried organic turmeric capsule one capsule, three times a day.
•  Milk thistle, comes as an herb or in a capsule. There is a milk thistle tea called Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Some have tried the capsule one capsule, three times a day
•  Chamomile tea. Be sure it does not contain licorice as this herb can raise blood pressure. Chamomile also decreases inflammation surrounding kidneys.
•  Zero gravity chair lifts a polycystic liver away from your other organs. This can also be accomplished by draping your feet across the top of the couch with your head at the foot of the couch.
•  Heating pad, preferably moist heating pad i.e. Thermophore
•  DIM's made from broccoli sprouts 1-2 capsules three times a day
•  Some have also tried altering their diet to one that is plant based and alkaline. Some dietary changes that have helped are listed below:
•  Nettle extract, non alcoholic extract is very alkaline producing. Try a few drops in a cup of hot water. Caution this is high in potassium.
•  Artichokes are a very liver friendly food. There is a supplement that combines milk thistle, turmeric and artichoke. Some have found this helpful to relieve liver pain.
•  Spelt non yeasted baked goods. Spelt is very liver friendly. Grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans all need to be pre-soaked to diminish their phytic acid.
•  Freshly prepared vegetable juices are excellent for a polycystic liver.
•  Cabbage juiced with almonds daily, provides all the essential amino acids required daily.
•  Carrot and beet root freshly juiced.
•  Try roughly chopping whole grains in a food processor. Soak these overnight or trying cooking them and leave overnight
•  Stretching yoga poses or pilates or all helpful.


PLD Pain helpful to diminish cystic pain.



                                                        Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-Wall Pose)
Place your buttocks against the wall. Lay down on your back and flip your legs upwards so you are supported by the wall, an L position, with your head resting on the ground and the feet up in the air. Enjoy being supported by the wall for several moments.




                                                                            Eka Pada Supta Virasana (One Leg Reclining Hero Pose)
I had mentioned to my yoga instructor that I have polycystic liver and polycystic kidney disease. The above is a position she showed to help me aide digestion when food has nowhere to go within a belly that is attempting to expand but in reality is diminishing from the ever expanding growing pressure of cystic organs pressing against the tummy.




                                                                         Jathara Parivartanasana[ Reclined Twist ]
A  great, relaxing twist which helps to release tension from the lower back. Can be done with the knees straight or bent. Hug the knees towards you and bring them slowly over to the right. Arms out from the shoulders - wide



                                                                                 Blood Pressure Regulator
If you have low back difficulties, careful with this one. Stand facing a wall and place your outstretched arms with fingers spread wide so the hands are at shoulder height, then walk your feet backwards so your back becomes flat like a table top. Hold this position comfortably for 6 full complete breaths, in through the nose and exhale through the nose. Then gently, walk your feet forward and slowly bring your hands down and the last to come down is your head. All done very slowly. This position puts the heart below the spinal cord so it sort of hangs relieving pressure against the heart and helping to keep the blood pressure regulated.





                                                             PLD Pain Relief [from Meg's Story]
Lie on your left side. If possible, put a pillow under your left ribs. Reach your right arm up over your head and extend. Bend your left knee, and extend your right leg straight down. You can lie like this for up to a half hour several times a day. This position allows the maximum expansion of the rib cage. Take deep breaths (as much as you can) and relax into this position. It is helping me a lot.
PS. Last night I had my husband pull gently on my right arm while I was doing this stretch. Awesome!! Caution: Do only what your body can tolerate. polycystic kidney disease polycystic liver diseasecontact us
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