Leg Cramps

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Check with your doctor. Severe leg cramps, interestingly enough occur if I have not stretched my hamstring muscle. This is accomplished by stretching the heel of the foot first, placing it in dorsi-flexion. A towel or strap can be used to daily stretch the hamstring tendon.

What to do when a sudden leg cramp awakens me from a nice stretch?
Immediately flex your foot and press outward and down with the heel of your foot (NOT the ball of my foot, but the heel).Do this without touching the floor or mattress with the bottom of the foot. The foot is flexed and toes are pushed toward ones head continuing to push downward with your heel. If the cramp is in your toes,just gently try to hold very still until it passes then sort of massage the toes open.
As soon as the cramp subsides try an all natural vitamin E immediately then again nightly for the next 2-3 nights. I will take a calcium supplement for the next two nights and check my alkalinity. If my urine tests acidic, I will take a potent alkalizer. Dr. Walser from Johns Hopkins says he has observed this relationship. He does not say that correcting it fixes it. He said he observed that both itching and leg cramps are linked with acidosis.


Spontaneous bursting of fine blood vessels, like mini aneurysms, finger vessel popping.

Some have noticed another phenomenon. Prior to fingers cramping there appears a spontaneous bursting of the tiny blood vessels along the sides of fingers. Initially these itch. Then within a few moments swell, cramp and became painful. Counter pressure on the finger helps some. A vascular surgeon aid the body has a strong estrogen influence somewhere; this might a polycystic liver once again not adequately metabolizing estrogen like compounds. The internet has a support group of individuals who have similar finger popping. Below are some suggestions to try. Doctors have said this is nothing to worry about.

check with your doctor - Possibly Helpful Minerals and Supplements for Finger Blood Vessels MicroAneurysms
Vitamin E
Calcium Citrate
Potassium Citrate
Sodium Citrate
Nettle Extract


telangectasias PLD polycystic liver disease xenoestrogens                          telangectasias PLD Polycystic liver disease xenoestrogens decreased estrogen metabolism through a diseased liver                           telangectasias PLD polycystic liver disease, estrogen metabolism, xenoestrogens
When these appear on the legs, burning pain can awaken one from sleep. Very fine spider telangiectasia arteries appear around the ankles, sometimes the nose, across the chest and back have been associated with liver disease or decreased estrogen metabolism through a diseased liver. These spider angiomas sometimes cause a sock like distribution of discoloration around the ankles from a gathering of these very fine tiny vessels. This is seen only when the liver has a slowing down in the process of metabolizing estrogen and estrogen- like products. A vascular surgeon can perform sclerosing of these fine spidery arterioles. The vascular surgeon explained that the metabolism of estrogen was decreased through my liver. Drinking cabbage juice and eating broccoli sprouts daily - two of the cruciform vegetables, are known to increase the metabolism of estrogen through the liver. Other useful herbs are turmeric, saffron, and milk thistle. They also increase the metabolism of false estrogen, such as xenoestrogens contained in pesticides, in DDT, in bleach in polyvinyl chloride, in bleached coffee filters and more.
A liver specialist explained generally individuals who had spider angiomas or matted Telangiectasias were not in very good health. They usually had a severe loss of liver functioning due to a cancer or hepatitis. It was rare to find someone with a healthy liver and spider angiomas.

My visit to the vascular surgeon: He agreed to sclerose my spiders. We talked first about what to use. He wanted to use cod liver oil. I explained to him that I was allergic to cod liver oil due to my liver cysts. That the smallest amount of cod liver oil injected in me would cause my liver to ache as if I had drunk an entire bottle of distilled liquor or a bottle of fine French wine. He said then we would not use that. We went on to discuss other agents and finally agreed upon a detergent solution that had been diluted. Before starting the procedure I explained to him what I had observed with PKD and PLD. My veins collapse on themselves. Drawing blood is exquisitely painful for me, much more so than for the ordinary person. I bruise easily and the vein walls collapse in on themselves during a blood draw. I always bruise after having my blood drawn. He said that wherever there are veins and arteries there is always a large amount of nerves running along side the blood vessels. I have also observed the fine veins along the sides of my fingers to be very fragile. While kneading bread I sometimes get cramps on my fingers and when I look at the finger that is cramping, the tiny vessel is bruised and painful and cramping. It becomes darkened, so I know it is a vein. This pain lasts about an hour then subsides. I have noticed the same thing happens to my toes and I wondered if this also happens to the calves of my legs when I get cramps. He asked if I had phlebitis or deep vein thrombosis or trouble with clotting?I told him no, but I had had Budd-Chiari syndrome following my liver resection. I purposely sought to try and get my body to increase the collateral circulation so the veins of my body would by-pass the obstruction caused by the liver cysts. While observing my ankles with their multitude of fine network of arteries with numerous trails of matted Telangiectasias or spider angiomas, he said, he could understand that my body was capable of laying down new vessels quickly and easily. I have not had any trouble with blood clots per se. Budd-Chiari was caused by external pressure from the liver cysts against my vessels especially the inferior vena cava and this external pressure caused the blood to slow way down as it traveled its course through my body. This slowing down of the course of the blood flow caused a back flow of blood and swelling. Prior to my liver resection surgery, I was in danger of clotting off my inferior vena cava due to the external pressure mass of the liver. It was not due to something internal from within my cells but external from the cysts. My current cholesterol (from the cholesterol study) was now 126. He asked if I was ready to have this procedure done? I said yes. We went into the surgery room. He prepared the solution and at first used a very fine small needle. He had to pull back once within the tiny arteriole itself and he had to receive a blood return. The first two sticks were painful and with the pain came bruising. Then he switched needles to a super fine needle that one could barely see without the aide of some type of magnification. This hair like fine needle easily slipped into the arteriole and it was almost painless. He became very creative in his positioning of the needle to allow it to rest within the tiny vessels. The procedure took a long time but the result was a diminishing of the superficial artery vessels around my ankles known as true spider angiomas. Viola! He said if I lived locally he would have me back every 3-4 weeks to repeat the process until all were gone. Since I lived in Hawaii and came to the Mayo only once or twice a year, he would see me again tomorrow and try to sclerose a few more. He wrapped my ankle with an ace wrap and sent me off to rest and to return tomorrow for a second treatment.
Once I returned to my hotel, I soaked in a warm bath and massaged vitamin E oil into my ankle. I took an extra dose of broccolive [DIMs, broccoli sprouts tablets], 3 additional tablets to aide in healing plus 2 vitamin E tablets internally. Spiders are greatly diminished.

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