These oils (vegetable oils) only contain omega-3 that are converted very slowly in the body into DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are the Very Long Chain Fatty Acids omega-3, essential for humans, and that have curative and preventive properties. Hemp is the only one that contains both gamma-linolenic acid and alpha linolenic acid, especially useful for cystic livers.


Flax Seeds




Fish Oil



Some forms of Essential Fatty Acids EFA, such as flaxseed AVOID and fish oil AVOID and cod liver oil AVOID creates discomfort and pain as it increases the girth of a cystic liver filled abdomen causing liver cysts to grow and ache. Flaxseed oil creates liver aches and liver cyst growth. Fish oil has been found to have high levels of mercury.

I tried for many years to use fish oil. This caused an increase in my liver cyst growth and more importantly an increase in pain from my cystic liver. My naturopathic doctor and I worked together to try and get flaxseed in all its forms into me. These too caused an increase in liver cyst growth and girth and pain, tremendous pain.

The latest from researchers is that individuals who take fish oil have higher than normal levels of mercury. This is without liver cysts. The omega 3's and linoleic acid the essential fatty acids are so good for the liver that I tried and I really tried to take both fish and flax.

For this reason, I use hemp seed for a daily source of omega 3's and essential fatty acids. AVOID Flaxseed if you have liver cysts. I have tried in every form made. Each time it has caused my liver to ache and grow. I am sorry to say but quite a few individuals have also reported that flaxseed increases their liver cysts. I thought perhaps it was from freshly ground flaxseed. I was taking a tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseed daily and I too noticed that my liver started enlarging. I was determined to get my omega 3 essential fatty acids, I tried flaxseed oil gel caps (organic Barleans). I tried these daily and this too made my liver grow and ache. I even tried organic golden flaxseed with the same results. The golden had a better taste, to me. Perhaps it may be the phytoestrogens in flaxseed that causes this growth in liver cysts? Liver cysts have estrogen receptors. Exposure to estrogen, phytoestrogens or xenoestrogen triggers the growth of these cysts.
Fsh oil supplements or eating oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, and catfish triggers liver cyst growth,aches, and pains. Now food manufacturers are genetically modifying farm grown salmon and giving it growth hormone. Hormones cause liver cyst growth.

The only source of omega 3's I have found to impart the protection and leave me without any symptoms such as an increase in abdominal girth and pain is hemp seed oil.

I have a theory why flax seeds and fish oil are harmful specifically to liver cysts. Our cystic livers are very sensitive to things within the environment that contain hormones such as false estrogens, estrogen disruptors, phytoestrogens, and xenoestrogens. I read a medical paper that said when one combines two or more weak estrogen disruptors, xenoestrogens or phytoestrogens the combination can create a synergistic effect with a very strong, a super strong combo estrogen disruptor.

Flax is a phytoestrogen. Flax was not originally a food to be eaten. It was well it was flax, a material plant. When a plant is classified as a non food item it can be sprayed with more and more chemicals than if it were designated a food plant. Many margarines contain cottonseed oil and palm oils. Both of these are non-food plants and as such can sprayed with many more chemicals than commercially grown edible produce. The residual stays within the plant for many more years than previously thought.

We have come to know of the many contaminants in our waterways and oceans and that there are many estrogen disruptors contained therein. It is the combination with the toxins that makes us with liver cysts so sensitive to environmental factors. There have been reports of male carp (fish) sprouting female organs from the toxic disruptors. How much more so for us with liver cysts?

Bleach is used on poultry in the USA (even smart chicken has this spray). I had observed that I could not eat chicken, turkey, cornish hen as it would cause my liver to ache and grow. It was not until several years later that I discovered that all poultry within the USA is flash frozen and dipped in a bleach bath to prevent salmonella spread. I have realized for a long time that bleach, comet, cleaning solutions all cause my liver to ache and grow. Even alcohol sprays contained in perfumes and window cleaners also cause a cystic liver to ache.

I feel very happy that I was able to discover things that made my liver grow. I had only to eliminate them from my body or minimize exposure and the result has been no liver cyst growth in ten years. With the octreotide trial there is a reduction in liver cyst size. To read more about which foods help liver and which harmful click here.

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