Avoid Fennel With PLD

If you have only kidney cysts without any liver cysts, fennel might be useful for lowering high blood pressure. The choice is always yours to make. I bounced back and forth with fennel. Due to severe PLD I refrain from eating fennel products.

However, fennel and its seeds should be avoided if you have liver cysts. It is known to cause premature breast development in young children and gynecomastia in males. For this reason eating fennel or its seeds may increase liver cyst size and cyst numbers.

Bust Enhancing Herbs

With liver cysts, the following bust enhancing herbs should also probably be avoided:

Following a spicy Indian meal there is usually a bowl of fennel seeds plus a small amount of oval pink, white, green candy covered pills to aide digestion. Vision is a movie about the life of mystic Hildegard Von Bingen who lived around 1000 AD. She wrote on foods and their healing properties and among her favorite foods were fennel tea made from the seeds. She used fennel seed tea to help to heal the sick.

Fennel Seeds for High Blood Pressure

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is an herb that grows wild in most parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. The seeds of the herb have been cultivated as far back as Medieval times for both flavoring and medicinal use. Today, fennel seed is being studied as having a role in the reduction of high blood pressure. It acts mainly as a diuretic.

Fennel can be Harm

Because of its high levels of methyleugenol, a highly carcinogenic substance contained in fennel, exposure to methyleugenol can lead to substantial levels of hepatic DNA adducts and may pose a significant carcinogenic risk. Fennel extract has been found to increase fatty liver.

Fennel Seed & Potassium

Fennel is a very good source of potassium, containing 98 mg in 1 tbsp. Potassium, a dietary mineral, is important in the control of blood pressure because it counteracts the effects of sodium and regulates the amount of fluid present in the bloodstream. The DASH diet, which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, recommends consuming foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium in order to lower blood pressure levels.

Fennel Seeds and Calcium

One serving of fennel seeds contains 7 percent of the recommended dietary intake for calcium in adults.

Fennel Seeds Minerals & Vitamins

Fennel contains many minerals and vitamins: vitamin C, fibers, manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B3 etc. The vitamin C from the bulb of the plant is antibacteriam and very useful to the immune system. Furthermore the fennel bulb is an important source of fibers which help reduce the cholesterol level. Also, the fibers from this herb can prevent intestinal cancer owing to the fact that they can eliminate toxins and cancerous substances from intestines. The herb is rich in potassium - an essential mineral which helps decrease the high blood pressure that can cause a heart attack.

We are  sharing our experiences with PKD/PLD Diet, an adjunct diet envisioning it complementing a physician's prescribed medical therapy. Consider testing this with your doctor's prior knowledge, who can  adjust it according to your own uniqueness by adding it to your current  treatment.

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